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Non-Medical Home Care Services for Individuals With Disabilities or Aging Seniors

Seniors are living longer and desire to age-in- place at homes. The need for home care from a professionally trained and nurturing caregiver is often needed to help with maintaining independence and their daily routine. On average, seven out of 10 people over 65 will require long term care (LTC) services as they age. If your aging-loved one is having difficulty living independently at home, Like Our Own Home Care can help them stay in their home longer, reduce the risk of falls, and improve quality of life. 

Advantages of Non-medical Companion Care

Our Non-Medical Home Service Caregivers is there to offer his or her time and company to your parents or grandparents. Some of the benefits of home care in the form of a non-medical home service caregiver can be described as:

  • It helps to maintain a sense of independence for those individuals (disabled adults or seniors) who are still able to do some things on their own

  • It comforts the family to know that the disabled adult or senior has someone who cares to regularly check up on them or to provide them with daily company and activities.

  • It ensures that the disabled individual or senior are safe because they are not at home alone for long periods of time.

  • The caregiver is trained to act in the event of emergency keeping the family aware of what is going on with their loved-one

  • Eases their daily routine with the help of a Home Service Worker they can call on to assist with painful tasks, reminding them to take their medication and helping them move around the home or out in the community

  • Offers companionship, friendship and stimulating conversation

  • Home Services Workers can run errands, pick up prescriptions, dry cleaning and help take a disabled adult or senior to their doctor’s appointments 

  • It is less expensive than nursing, a nursing home, or assisted living facility 

Like Our Own Home Care works with the individual, the individual’s family/client representative and health professional to customize a daily service plan that fits the needs and budget of each individual.  

  • Maintaining Personal Hygiene by assisting with bathing, showering, oral care, hair care and bathroom use.

  • Performing basic cleaning tasks: Dusting, straightening, organizing, doing laundry, and keeping the home environment tidy, clutter free and sanitized 

  • Helping with meal preparation, providing a balance nutrition cooking diabetic-friendly meals, cooking nutritional meals, cooking heart-healthy meals, assistance with feeding and disposing of expired foods at the end of the meal. 

  • Assisting in daily tasks such as sitting and standing, moving from room to room, dressing, and so on.

  • Assisting with technology, such as returning phone calls or responding to emails.

  • Providing transportation to doctor's appointments, errands, social engagements, family events, religious activities and trips, and other social engagements

  • Providing pleasant company throughout the day, evening or night

Such services are a manner of ensuring the safety and comfort of adults with disabilities or the older adults that do not live with or near their families. 

Like Our Own Home Care caregivers are here to help with all these things and MORE! To get a FREE In-Home Evaluation or to Start Services CALL US TODAY at 630-641-3950

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